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We are proud to serve the most demanding corporate clients as well as the most discerning budget-conscious fliers.

SkyFlyNow, offer world class travel services and cheap international flights at discounted price. Booking last minute flights are not always easy and affordable. But with Elyon Travel, Now book last minute flights without any hesitation that too at cheap price.

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It's easy to look to things like innovative products and services, glamorous destinations and charismatic crew in bright red uniforms as the reasons for our success. But these are just part of our story. The personality and language of our brand plays a major role too, and to get a grasp on why, it's useful to look at our past.

When we first started flying, the world was changing rapidly. In the USA, boom time had arrived, and a lot of people had more money to spend, with a greater desire to explore the world. The airline world hadn't changed much at all and there wasn't much choice, each country only had its state owned legacy airline. Expensive, with little emphasis on the customers' needs, if you needed to get somewhere, you only had one airline to choose from. And what a dull, grey experience that was.

We gave people a choice. A bright red, fun, friendly, fabulous choice that made travel attainable for everyone. Back then, our personality was cheeky and over the top. We were a tiny airline up against much bigger players. We needed to use quite radical language to get attention. 'Play with yourself' was the way we chose to advertise the first ever seatback games. Not exactly subtle, but it got us noticed.

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Last minute flight changes, unexpected cancellations, we are available 24/7 to ensure your trip is smooth-sailing.

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Your travel consultant will understand your unique needs, and custom-tailor plans for you that will exceed your expectations.

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Our relationships allow us to save our clients money, period. When you work with Elyon Travel consistently, you will see real, tangible benefits.

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